TIP-224A / TIP-224TIP-224A / TIP-224

TIP-224A / TIP-224

Alarm Notification Sounder - Indoor

Telefire's TIP-224A is an analog addressable device that integrates an indoor horn and an addressable output card, eliminating the need for an output module installed in a separate box, therefore reducing material and labor cost. As an added benefit, the unit contains a high-brightness LED. The TIP-224A is compatible with the ADR-3000 Analog Addressable Control Panel.
The address of the TIP-224A is programmed into the memory of the horn and can be assigned or changed by using the PROG-4000 programmer.
The horn contains an alarm LED that is viewable from 360°. This LED blinks when polled by the control panel, indicating normal operation. During an alarm THE TIP-224A will sound interrupted beeps and the LED will blink more rapidly and brightly than during normal operation.

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