TPS-73 / TPS-73ATPS-73 / TPS-73A

TPS-73 / TPS-73A

External Power Supply

The TPS-34A is an external power supply that is fed from a 230 VAC source input and includes a 24 VDC 4 A power supply, battery charger, and a control card that monitors the TPS-34A and reports status and trouble information to the ADR-3000 Analog Addressable Control Panel. It is used when the total demand on the ADR-3000's 24 VDC power supply exceeds its capacity, or to power I/O modules, sounders, or special detectors that are installed a long distance away from the control panel.

Telefire’s auxiliary power supply is available in two models:

  • TPS-34A – Analog Addressable Auxiliary Power Supply
  • TPS-34 – Conventional Auxiliary Power Supply

The TPS-34A / TPS-34 consist of:

  • PSB-3000 – a cabinet that contains two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries with capacity of up to 12 AH and dimensions of up to 14 (W) by 10 (D) by 17 (H) cm each.
  • ADR-4004TSW – Standard switching power supply that is also used in ADR-3000 and GSA-1000 fire alarm control panels
  • APS-900 – analog addressable power supply monitor module (TPS-34A only)

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