Alarm Notification Sounder

The TFS-214/214S is a strobe horn intended to be wired with an alarm system, fire detection, gas detection and other security systems. The horn is an internal installation that can be run in modes / types of sounds according to the table listed below.

* Working horn working voltage 24 volts direct current.
* Volume can be set by volume regulator located at the check connection.

Type of sound c* an be selected by the encoding unit allows 32 states of work - see Section 2.2 Selecting sounds.
The TFS-214 is a combined siren with flasher, and the TFS-214S is a combined siren with flasher horn with separate commands.
Horn operation is characterized by high-volume low-flow operation allowing connection to a number of horns on a single operating line; conditional limitations sirens find relevant hub. Connections are polarized horn, reverse polarity protected to allow work to "reverse polarity" or "stress level".

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