Remote Panel and Annunciator

The RM-4005 Remote Panel and Annunciator enables control and supervision of the ADR-3000 Fire Alarm Control Panel from remote locations and key positions such as: security officer, premises manager, or maintenance office.
The RM-4005 Remote Panel consists of an LCD display, keypad, internal buzzer, and features such as alarm output, trouble output, and an interface relay that diminishes the need for additional input/output interface cards.

The connection between the remote panels and the main control panel is performed through a twisted wire pair (RS-485). Up to 16 remote panels can be connected to the control panel using the same line. Each remote panel should be allocated with a unique address from 1 to 16. The communication and input/output circuits are fully supervised.

In large systems incorporating several control panels connected via a peer-to-peer network, up to 16 remote panels can be connected to each of the control panels.

The RM-4005 operates with a 24 VDC power source that can be supplied from one of the following options:

  • 24 VDC supplied from the main control panel (connector JP6)
  • 24 VDC supplied from a remote power supply such as Telefire's TPS-34A Analog Addressable External Power Supply.
  • Local power supply, based on a standard ADR-3000 power supply and 24-Volt rechargeable batteries. This option will provide the ability to supply 24 VDC via JP8 to other addressable devices in the vicinity.

The RM-4005 will automatically detect the presence of a power supply module and will perform all the supervision required.

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